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Hookah Hoses

Hookah Bowls

Hooka Coals



Hookah Hoses:

Choose from simple, short hoses, to long, embroidered, ornate hookah hoses. When your hose cracks, breaks, or doesn't smell right anymore, affordable replacement hoses are here.

Hookah Bowls:

Choose from short or tall, small or large shisha bowls with optional accessories like wind covers, easy to clean heads, and Egyptian-style clay vs. ceramic hookah bowls.

Hookah Coals:

There are 3 main types of hooka coals - easy lite round, japanese style square & silver, and coconut shells. A good supply of coals doesn't cost much and can keep you smoking for a month or more.


All the hooka replacement and accessory items like tongs, bowl foils, metal screens, downstems, mouth tips, grommets for hoses, multi hose conversion kits, and more. Keep your hookah going forever.